IEEE Circuits and Systems Symposium 2022

Pre-Conference event of IEEE APCCAS 2023

Organized by: IEEE CASS Kerala Chapter jointly with IEEE CAS Hyderabad Chapter in association with Maker Village

Maker Village, Indias’ largest electronic hardware incubator hosted by Kerala Digital University, has organized the IEEE CASS Symposium 2022 (a pre-conference event of IEEE APCASS 2023) jointly by IEEE CASS Kerala Chapter with IEEE CAS Hyderabad Chapter.

Speakers: Prof. Rajesh Zele (Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay), Prof. Shanthi Pavan (Indian Institute of Technology-Madras), Dr. A .G .Krishna Kanth (Director of Analog Mixed-Signal R&D at AMS OSRAM group), Prof. Alex James (Digital University Kerala), Preet Yadav (NXP), Dr. Sreelal Pillai, Scientist/Engineer G, Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Center, ISRO, Trivandrum

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